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Jessica Buchanan's Father Discusses Her Book and Rescue

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When Jessica Buchanan was rescued in Somalia back in January 2012, it was the news her father John Buchanan was waiting for. For months he was at his home in Bedford, waiting for the phone to ring. 

"That was the best news I have ever had except the birth of all three of my kids," he says.

In the last year, he says his daughter has moved back to the United States, and she is now a proud mother. Buchanan has since moved to be closer to her near Charlottesville. However, the road to recovery hasn't been easy. 

"She is more serious now than she has been in the past," Buchanan says. "I think she is more serious and she thinks things through and longer before she does it. She has changed. We are all changed, the whole family.

For most of the time, her recovery has been in private. However, her story is being told on the heels of her new book, Impossible Odds. She has spoken on the Today Show and Dr. Phil about what happened during those months. It is a story Buchanan heard many times. 

"I was able to read the book prior to its release; there were things she didn't tell me," Buchanan says. "So there are some upsetting things she probably felt at the time I didn't need to know."

The part of her story that he says stands out in his mind is when Seal Team Six arrived in the dessert to take her home. 

"When they were leading her out in the dessert and all laid over her, I just think it is so extremely remarkable that these guys would lay their life down for her," Buchanan says.

He says he is forever grateful for those that risked everything to bring his daughter home.