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After Agee sentencing, Brannock says he's taken "many steps" toward recovery

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Former Virginia state trooper Matt Brannock said he used to take only a step toward recovery each day after Jonathan Agee shot him twice on Memorial Day 2011.

But after Agee's sentencing hearing, and the judge telling Brannock he acted bravely that day, Brannock said that's helped him take "many" steps toward recovery.

"People ask me, 'How has [the shooting] affected you?'" Brannock said earlier this week from the Martinsville Speedway, where he is now director of operations for the track.

"I think it has allowed me to be more thankful for the simple things: our family, our home, our jobs," Brannock said.  "Even down to the basic stuff you know?"

Brannock said he has forgiven Agee but that doesn't necessarily mean he likes him.

"I have no doubt Mr. Agee's intentions were to kill me," Brannock said of his encounter with a semi-automatic rifle toting Agee, near Exit 118 northbound, on I-81 on May 30, 2011.

Brannock confirmed he has received a subpoena to testify at former Franklin County sheriff Ewell Hunt's appeal hearing on a conviction related to a malfeasance in office charge.

The conviction occurred last year.

Hunt is appealing the general district court outcome to circuit court.

The hearing is scheduled for July 11th.