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Becky says: Comfort and Strength to Oklahoma

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I went home for dinner tonight and couldn't wait to get a hug from my little guy.   I can't begin to imagine the helpless feeling those parents in Moore, Oklahoma have tonight after that God forsaken twister tore through.  Right now, they are dealing with the reality their children are trapped in the rubble of what was once their child's school, and the horrific reality some say the rescue mission is turning into a recovery effort. 

They sent their kids off to school this morning, never, in a million years, knowing their sons or daughters were about to face the scariest moments of their young lives - without mom and dad there to hold them ...  to even at least try, to protect them.

It's not a night I enjoy reporting the news ... but turning a blind eye is clearly not the answer either.  The more knowledge we can gain about what's going on out there in Oklahoma, the better we can prepare ourselves to help the people who will so desperately need it.

We can only pray these small children, their parents and the people of Moore, Oklahoma can find some sort of comfort, some sort of strength.