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WSLS on the road to Oklahoma with God's Pit Crew

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God's Pit Crew left Danville Wednesday bright and early. The volunteers started making the trip to Moore, Oklahoma around 6 a.m. The WSLS crew met the group in Wytheville around 8 a.m. and then began the more than 17-hour drive to Moore, Oklahoma.

The founder, Randy Johnson, says he got 500 to 600 e-mails Tuesday from people in the community wanting to help. Johnson says after the WSLS newscasts Tuesday, he started getting even more e-mails from people donating money. He says monetary donations are extremely helpful. Every time they fill up just one tractor trailer, it costs the group about $1,300. Twenty volunteers in 5 trailers are bringing about 120,000 pounds of supplies to Moore. WSLS and God's Pit Crew will stop in Jackson, Tennessee Wednesday night and them continue the trip into Moore, Thursday afternoon.