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Roanoke Festival set up overcomes challenges

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There is plenty of food with all the fixings at Festival 2013, and a much bigger stage than ever before. It is twice as big as the old one at Elmwood Park to be exact.

"Designing it and physically getting it into this space became a challenge," said Skip Brown.

Kim Slaughter's daughter was one of the first to take the stage.

"It's always a pleasure to watch the southwest Virginia ballet dance, but to have the opportunity today and know that they made these great efforts to move forward so they can get the stage and the electricity there so our dancers could dance, it means a whole lot to Roanoke," said Slaughter.

It took three days to build the stage and with no electricity and a lack of running water at the River's Edge Sports Complex, event organizers had to think on their feet. They brought in nine generators.

"We scoured the countryside to find what are called regulated show generators that could run everything. We have enough power to run the Town of Vin ton," said Brown.

Crews fashioned an above ground water distribution system for vendors.

"We ported water all the way over to the food vendors, had to all meet code."

Three of the generators ordered for this event, said Brown, were actually diverted to Oklahoma to help in the tornado recovery efforts, which had his team scrambling for a solution Thursday night.

"That included the highway department, transportation department, we have generators that are the ones that power the big lights at night when you are driving down the highway in a construction zone."

It was a series of fixes many festival goers will likely never know about and that is exactly what event organizers want.