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iPhone? ... or another Droid?

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Droid vs. iPhone?

Why do I ask?  ... because my Droid (HTC Incredible 4) went for a swim this week.   Cell phones swim like a rock.

I wonder if now would be the time to make the switch over to iPhone and I have found people are pretty split down the middle still on this great debate.  BUT, I also found an iPhone will take a lot more money out of my pocket.  Holy Cow! 

The price of the iPhone 5 is $200.   The price to insure it over the next 2 years is also $200.  Add to that the price of a protective case and whatever other expenditures I'm not thinking of at this moment -- and it's a PRICEY proposition.

When it comes to Droid, plenty of people have mentioned the Samsung Galaxy III.  In reality, it's not all that much cheaper than the iPhone 5 ... but then you can add more storage to it, unlike the iPhone and you can change the battery if it dies unlike the iPhone.   Of course, the iPhone has its perks - such as it's sealed pretty darn tight - so if it goes for a swim like my Droid, it seems the iPhone may likely have a better chance of survival.

So many thoughts - and they all cost money ... what should I buy?

... an iPhone, or a Droid?