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Documents Outline Alcohol Abuse & Hazing at Virginia Tech Fraternity

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Several documents we obtained outline alleged alcohol abuse and hazing incidents at the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Virginia Tech.

The fraternity's national organization shut the chapter down last month.

The papers categorize bad behavior between December of 2008 and May of this year.

In April 2012, the documents claim a Sig Ep brother hit another student in the head with a broken beer bottle during a fight off campus.

The victim received 55 stitches to his face, the papers allege.

The documents say the chapter was already on suspended status at that time.

It goes on to say that during the past spring semester, 16 brothers were responsible for a total of 18 violations to university policy, mostly having to do with alcohol.

The papers outline the story of what it claims was one new member who reported in November of 2012 that he was forced to drink vodka, plus buy gas and food for older members to the point that his parents cut off his credit card.

Sig Ep's national organization, based in Richmond, said last month it condemned the actions of the chapter members responsible for the violations.

A spokesman for the national organization confirmed that the fraternity would look to move back on campus in a few years and into the same $5.1 million house on Oak Lane.