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Campaign to Bring Faster Internet to Downtown Blacksburg

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A campaign to bring faster Internet to downtown Blacksburg is gaining major momentum.

In one space in downtown Blacksburg, there are more than 12 start-up companies depending on the Internet to make their businesses successful.

However, one major set back is a slow Internet connection.

"We're limited by upload speeds," says Bob Summers. "The upload speed is very slow and that limits our efficiency."

Summers runs the TechPad where these companies work. He wants to making clicking and uploading happen with no wait time.

He's created a campaign through CrowdTilt, a website that allows you to raise all or nothing for a project.

The goal is bring one gigabit network connection to Blacksburg. This will make the Internet a hundred times faster and give people and companies downtown access to free wireless Internet.

The price tag is $85,000, a number they have almost reached.

Even local leaders are showing their support. Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam says a faster Internet connection will help the area create a competitive edge among other markets.

"To show that sort of grass root support not only supports this initiative and this project, but shows any vendor we want to bring in that Blacksburg is a good place to do business," Rordam says.

Summers says any amount helps. Click here to bring faster Internet to Blacksburg.