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Boat Safety Changes for This Summer

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It may already feel like summer, but before you hit the water to get some relief from the heat, there are a few safety changes you should know about.

New regulations this summer will require all boaters and jet skiers age 40 and under to get a boat safety license.

The class can be taken in person or online for little to no charge.

The penalty for not having the license is $100.

"We would rather catch you on this end and if you don't have the proper equipment, we would rather tell you now so you can go purchase the proper equipment," said Conservation Police Officer Joseph Williams, "because if someone doesn't know, and borrows a boat or jet ski, it will be the person that owns it that gets the citation."

Conservation Police plan to offer free boat checks this weekend across the commonwealth.

There will be one set up at Smith Mountain Lake on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.