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Morning Makeover: Brenda Hastings

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We are excited to introduce you to this month's Morning Style Makeover winner, Brenda Hastings from Christiansburg.

She's a college math instructor and a mother to an adorable 1-year-old daughter. Her husband entered her in the contest, saying "she's the most beautiful woman in the world" and he wants her to feel like it." She describes her style as plain. We helped her see herself as classic.

"I'm kind of looking forward to having a style and hopefully learning to duplicate that style," she said. "I think it's important that I look and feel good to help boost my confidence so I won't be so shy."

First stop: Azario Salon for hair and makeup. Our makeover goal for Brenda is to create a look that's high style, low maintenance. Not only is her day taken up with work and a new baby, but, she says, "I'm training for a half marathon - the Hokie Half - so I don't like when the hair sticks to my face when I'm running."

Brenda has beautiful hair, but the color could use some umph. Zena applies a glaze to enhance Brenda's natural shade. while the color processes, it's time for a consultation with Azario's makeup artist, Stephanie Azar.

"I usually don't wear makeup at all," Brenda says.

"What we're going to do today is just enhance the natural features that you have with some light shading," Stephanie tells her. "Nothing heavy, nothing very dramatic, just to give you that nice uplifted look."

With a game plan in place, the color glaze is rinsed out and the cutting begins. After a quick trim adding bouncy layers, SZena smoothes and styles while Stephanie makes makeup magic.

"We're really going to try to focus on bringing your eye color out," Stephanie says, "so we're going to choose some nice light shades for your eye shadow and work with mascara to give your lashes a chance to really shine. Then when you're putting your eyeliner on, you're just going to put it close to your eyelashes, like you're trying to connect your eyelashes together.

Then we're just going to finish with a little concealer and gloss. And it's just fast. Very simple. It really will be like your 5-10 minute makeup."

After the big reveal at Azario, it's off to Stein Mart in Tanglewood Mall, where there is important business to attend to: Tara and Brenda are on the hunt for a classic versatile date night outfit.

With $150 dollars to spend, they want to make the most of their money, so they head straight to the sale rack.

After finding some pieces, they head to the fitting rooms.

Garland Gravely from Fashionista Roanoke stops by just in time to give his take as well.

"I love it," he says. "I like the combination of the black and pink. I like the jacket with the dress. You go to work, you meet your friends for drinks, your husband for a night on the town. I think it's the perfect dress."

Two classic yet modern dresses plus two additional staple pieces: a versatile black blazer, and something every woman needs in their wardrobe: a pair of nude pumps, all on sale.

With her look complete, Brenda heads home feeling fabulous and excited for a date night with her handsome hubby.