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Chef Steve: Edamame Cilantro Hummus

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If hummus was a stock right now it would be like Apple, Inc. Hummus is in its golden era, topping $350 million per year in sales. You can't walk into any supermarket deli across the US and not run into the hummus "section." Can you believe it? The hummus section! A few years ago it was just a small segment of food relegated to hippies and nutritionists. But you can't keep a good thing a secret for long, so now this rising star's secret is out in the open. It's not only good for you, but this stuff tastes awesome!

You can serve this versatile concoction in many ways. It can be a spread, a condiment, a topping or even a dip. Another great thing about hummus is that the base of it is so neutral in flavor that almost any vegetable, herb or spice you blend into it works. In Krogerland we sell a lot of the traditional chickpea hummus and a lot of the roasted red pepper hummus. But again, it's up to the imagination and creativity of people that will help to find that next big thing with funky flavors, spicy fusion and a variety of different legumes.

I remember the first time I had hummus. It was the roasted red pepper hummus from Sabra. Whenever you try something new, especially a new category of food like hummus, you sometimes get some preconceived notions about what you are about to eat. I was also told, "This stuff is vegan. You will love it!" Now, years ago, whenever you heard the "V" word, you ran for the hills because you could almost guarantee that is was going to smell like a fresh-cut lawn, look like pureed baby food and taste like what a giraffe eats from a tree. So I was not excited about trying it. And this is coming from a man who has never had a food that he didn't like, including chocolate covered grasshoppers. I'm also not big on raw tomatoes but that's another story. But it was a happy ending because another person said it was bean dip, and all southerners love bean dip, right? I loved the flavor from the garlic and the tahini, and the lemon really enhanced and brightened up the flavors. I would love to hear about your hummus experiences and recipes. You can reach me at

If there is anything about me that is consistent it would have to be I am not always traditional, especially with food. So I created a special hummus recipe that I know you are going to love. This is my favorite way to eat hummus. I use edamame and baby lima beans with some cilantro. Serve this stuff with some toasted Naan bread at a dinner party as an appetizer, and you will be known as the person who gets to bring the hummus to every get together FOREVER!

I have another version that uses wasabi. If would like that recipe email me at and I will send it to you. See you next week.

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Edamame 1 small package, frozen
Lima beans 1 small package, frozen
salt as needed to season the water
Tahini 1 cup
garlic 2 tbsp, minced
lemon juice 3 ea, fresh
lemon zest 2 ea, fresh
fresh cilantro ¼ cup, chopped
red pepper flakes ½ tsp
oregano 1 tsp
cumin 1 tsp
olive oil ¼ cup
salt & pepper to taste

• In a stock pot bring two gallons of salted water to a boil.
• Place the Edamame and lima beans in the water and blanch them until they are slightly tender. About 8 minutes.
• Drain beans with a colander and set aside to cool.
• With food processor add all of the ingredients and bring together until it forms a dip-like consistency.
• Serve in a bowl with toasted pita bread.