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New Technology Gives VTC Medical Students an Advantage in the Classroom

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The Anatomage table can be described as a giant iPad with a person inside. It has advantages over traditional anatomy class models because it allows students to quickly make changes and readjust to different scenarios with a click or swipe of the table top. Roanoke leaders will get a first look at the technology on Friday, but Fox 21/27 got a sneak peek at what the high-tech table can do.

There isn't much students can't do with this new high tech anatomy table at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

"I can do a cross section here and really look at every level at how the heart here and the lungs are interacting with each other, how they are position in relation with each other," says Sarah Fogel, VTC's operations analyst. "That view is difficult to get with a cadaver."

"There are a lot of things on the computer now that look something like the Anatomage table but don't have the size of the human being and the flexibility with cases," says Dr. Cynda Johnson, the dean of VTC.

The technology allows students to look at the bone structure and then, using a tool bar, they can add layers to the body, giving students a three dimensional look at every aspect.

In addition to the fact that students can stand around the table and see 3D images, the table also contains an image library. The image library is filled with real life conditions and illnesses that students can study. Eventually, the table will contain cases of patients the students at VTC are studying, creating a VTC medical case library.

"Our school is case based," Johnson says. "We do a case a week and now if we have the original CT scans from the case we are able to load our actual cases onto the anatomy table."

First year medical students will definitely benefit from the new tool, but the possibilities and combinations are endless for it when it comes to education for everyone.

In addition to being used for medical students, the table will be used for mini medical schools this fall that will be open to anyone who wants to learn more about different health topics through VTC.