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God's Pit Crew Heading Back Home From Moore, Okla.

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After spending more than two weeks in Oklahoma helping those devastated by the two tornadoes that ripped across the state, God's Pit Crew is coming home.

The volunteers worked for 15 days straight, for up to 17 hours a day.

They helped hundreds of people, cleaning up debris, cutting down trees, and even clearing a park.

We were able to talk to the founder of God's Pit Crew, Randy Johnson, on the phone Friday.

He says none of what the volunteers did would be possible without the donations from people in our community.

He explained to us what it was like leaving Oklahoma.

"Very tired, very weary, but hated to leave Moore, because there's still much work to be done and a lot of folks we met, especially in last few days, who are still really having a tough time and we were able to help those folks, but there's still a lot of need," Johnson said.

The group plans to continue helping those in need in Oklahoma.

They are in the process of finding a family to help by rebuilding their home completely.