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New Relaxing Center Opens in Downtown Roanoke

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In a world full of sounds from texting, typing, and constant chatter, Jane Barefoot Rochelle wanted to create a place focused on relaxing both your mind and body.

That idea became her new business, Barefoot Studios.

"It's a really good way to slow down and practice self care," Rochelle says. "Most people feel a benefit even just after one session or even during the first session."

Rochelle practices healing touch, which is designed to balance your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Lisa Soltis, the Roanoke economic development specialist, say's excited for such a unique business to be a part of 16 West Market Place and the downtown community.

"The talent and creativity she brings to the mix of downtown continues to keep that vibrancy going," Soltis says.

Brightly colored art fills most of the studio, with space left open for yoga and tai chi workshops.

The owner of the 16 West Marketplace building, John Garland, says Barefoot Studios fits in perfectly with his vision for the space.

"Roanoke just has a large art community and we feel it's really important for the diversity of Roanoke to include that art component and you can see she really makes the building look nice," Garland says.

The studio is open Monday and Saturday.