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Williamson Road Growth

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"Williamson Road is a jewel in the crown that is Roanoke," said Wendy Jones, the Williamson Road Area Business Association executive director.

On the more than five mile stretch of Williamson Road in Roanoke, you can run a lot of errands.

"You can take your kids to the park, go to the library, get your hair done, get your car worked on, buy a new car," Jones said.

You can also go to a new restaurant: Fresh Cuts.

"In this area it's more of a fast food district and we wanted to bring a nice homemade feel back into the area," said Paul Price, the owner of Fresh Cuts.

Price says the recent closing of restaurants nearby like Hooters is on his mind.

"It's a concern," Price said. "The biggest thing, I feel, is to offer someone an experience. A lot of times when you go to the more traditional restaurants you feel like you're being corralled or herded through."

Jones said five big businesses have opened on Williamson Road in the last five years, like the Dollar Tree, O'Reily's, and Med Express. 

Small businesses have moved in, too.

"This is the incubator of the city," Jones said. "A lot of businesses start here and they sometimes grow and they stay and sometimes they grow and they move because they need a little more space, but this has been a real good revitalization which really has started in the past five years." She said she expects growth will continue, because she's talking to more businesses about moving in.