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Floyd County High School Two-Time State Champions

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The Floyd County High School softball team is still celebrating after a very big win this weekend.

"This is a special moment for these girls, making it to the state championship for the first time," says their coach, Scott Thompson. "It's been a long time coming to get to this point."

While this is the first state championship for the softball program at Floyd County, it's actually the second state championship this year for three girls on the team. Kristin Mills, Aimee Royal, and Christene Phillips all celebrated another big win back in March, when they took home a basketball state championship for the Lady Buffaloes.

"That's what you work for," Phillips says. "You never really expect it, it's kind of a surprise, but a great surprise."

Their basketball win seemed to provide a lot of incentive when it was time to hit the softball field.

"We already knew how we would celebrate," Royal says. "We were just really excited and wanted to win."

The two-time state champs say their weekend win still hasn't quite sunk in yet.