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Bookbag Santa Helping Kids Overseas

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We may be months away from winter, but there is still a Santa of sorts in our area.

He calls himself the Book Bag Santa, and his goal is to keep useful school supplies out of landfills and instead get them to needy kids.

Each year, Gary Hunt collects tons of used school supplies that come from Roanoke schools alone.

In July, he and a small group traveled to Belize and distributed the supplies to about 900 children who are in desperate need.

"There is no reason why they should be spending money on their children when we literally throw tons of stuff away every year," Hunt said. "I mean, I'm not dealing with every school in Roanoke, Virginia, or even the U.S. And when you start adding up fifty schools in fifty states it really just boggles the mind."

If you would like to donate or help the Book Bag Santa, just head to this website.