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New Voting Machines Greet Some Primary Day Voters

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Tuesday is Primary Day and Virginia Democrats will head to the polls to decide nominees for Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor,as well as a few local seats, in state-wide primary.

Some voters will notice new voting machines. Precinct F-1, Luther Memorial Lutheran Church in Montgomery County, will have an optical scan machine to place their ballot. Unlike the touch screens many voters have become accustomed to, the optical scan machines will create a paper trail.

Montgomery County Registrar Randy Wertz says his office will be required to keep copies of the ballots for two years.

"We will give them a paper ballot. They will take it to a place and mark it. We have several places set up in the polling place to mark their ballot," Wertz said. "Then they will take it directly over to the optical scan machine and put it in themselves so they can see that it actually reads the ballot. It goes into the little bin below the machine itself. They'll have to color in the circle and make sure that whatever mark they make is within that circle because that's how the optical scan machine actually reads the ballot."

Wertz says the county bought the machine following the General Assembly's decision to prohibit the purchase of additional touch screens.