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Local Business Steps up After 30 Cars Are Vandalized

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A string of car vandalisms in Roanoke leaves at least two dozen people without a ride.

Roanoke City Police were first called to the 400 block of Elm Avenue late Monday night for a number of tire slashings. Officers found more vehicles with tire damage on White Avenue, 4th Street SE, Bullitt Avenue, Jefferson Street, and 3rd Street between Bullitt Avenue and Campbell Avenue.

A total of 30 cars were damaged.

It's a senseless act many people in our community are calling "just down-right evil."

"I'm not really sure why someone would hurt someone who is weak and vulnerable," a member of the Rescue Mission said.

Nine of the 30 cars with tire damage belong to people staying at the Rescue Mission on 4th street.

Many are like Jennifer, and say they have no way to pay for repairs.

"I was in shock," Jennifer says. "It took a few hours for it to sink in about how hard it was going to make my life financially."

Leaders from Berglund Automotive Group in Roanoke heard about what happened and jumped into to help.

They replaced 22 flat tires with brand new tires for free.

"We got people trying to get back on their feet and it's just something else to try and beat them down and it's ridiculous and it's something we can fix really easily," says Robbie Brookshier, Berglund Automotive general manager.

Many of the vandalism victims had all four of their tires slashed and fixing them isn't cheap. We're told it can cost anywhere between $300 and $800. So when Berglund decided to help, it was a much needed relief.

"They actually cried," Rescue Mission Administrator Kim Gembala says. "They could not believe it. They are so grateful."

Being grateful is exactly how Jennifer describes it. She says she never imagined people could be so generous.

"It was like, 'Oh my gosh, there's a life jacket, there's a hero,'" she says.

For transparency, we felt it important to let you know that Robbie Brookshier, who represents Berglund, is the father of one of our reporters.