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Roanoke Woman Recalls Getting Caught up in Fiery I-581 Accident

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Priscilla Green said, for a moment, it seemed life or death depended on how fast she could open her passenger-side door.

"I could see the flames coming out of his truck and I remember thinking, 'I gotta get out of this car,'" Green said.

Green was heading home in the southbound lane of Interstate 581 yesterday afternoon when she got caught up in the crash that killed Paul Golding and Kenneth Graham, two truck drivers who died after they hit head on.

Virginia state police charged Timothy Wellons with drunk driving and involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Golding and Graham.

Green said her drivers's-side door was blocked by one of the 18-wheelers that was on fire.

She said she climbed over to her passenger seat but kept accidentally hitting the button that operated her window.

Green wanted to hit the button that unlocked the door.

When she finally did, Green said she ran and didn't look back.

"I just kept thinking I'm not going to get far enough away before the [trucks] blow up," Green said.

Green said she received some bruising from her seat belt, and slightly turned her ankle running, but other than that, she was fine.

She said she watched as emergency medical technicians attended to Wellons at the scene.

"[I hope they] just put him away somewhere, forever, so he can't do it again," Green said.

Wellons is due in court Friday morning to be arraigned on the drunk driving charges, according to online court records.