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High Winds Send Four Trees Crashing Through Resident's Property

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Thursday's mighty windstorms are proving to be a costly disaster for residents across the commonwealth, but one storm story ranks near the top of the list.

Donna Ten-Eyck's windstorm nightmare started Thursday while she was at work when she started to get strange phone calls from her friends that she says she thought were jokes.

"They said that I have trees in my house and I was laughing," Donna said. "Then my husband started calling so I clicked over and he goes, 'Yeah, honey, there are trees in the house.'"

Not one. Not two. Not even three!

Four trees had crashed through her yard. Two of those trees were over 100 years old and landed in her house just off of Bennington Street in Roanoke.

Two others took out the power lines adjacent to her home, knocking out power for the entire neighborhood.

At first glance of the devastation she says her first thought was fear: "Where's the dog?"

After the trees crashed through her home, they landed on the family's dog kennel in the back yard. The tree pinned one of the dogs underneath limbs. Some neighborhood children soon dug the dog out.

Luckily, the dogs are ok and unharmed.

"They are just very scared to come back outside," Donna said.

It's a sight that free-lance tree worker and Roanoke County resident Steve Hudson has never seen.

"I've never seen a storm come through the valley in 45 minutes do so much damage," Hudson said.

"I didn't really think that it could happen to us," Donna said.