Roanoke Valley Horse Show Kicks Off After Storm Damage


After being destroyed by a major storm on Thursday, the setup for the Roanoke Valley Horse Show looks a lot different Monday afternoon. 

The executive director of the horse show, Chelsea Hartberger, says as soon as the storm ended they got to work calling in extra help.

"We hadn't scheduled volunteers because everything was done," Hartberger says.  "We just started calling people and saying 'Hey, we need help.' We were picking up the pieces and seeing what we were going to do next."

She says it wasn't just the usual volunteers that pitched in over the weekend. She said there were ones that had been working for years, but also a lot of new volunteers who came out to help.

Hartberger says what took two weeks to create before, took just a little over 30 hours with the more than 100 people who came in to help.

This year's horse show runs through June 22.

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