Grayson County Deputy Doing Well a Year After Being Shot


It's been a year of recovery for Grayson County Deputy Doug Waller and his wife.

"When I work night shift now it's a whole different ball game," Waller said. "She has trouble sleeping. She sleeps on the couch sometimes."

Waller returned to work last August, a little more than a month after he was shot through his protective vest while responding to a domestic dispute south of Galax.

"You're a little more pumped up. You are expecting a little more, I mean you always expect the worst and hope for the best but, now I approach different. I guess the whole department does."

Another deputy involved shooting happened a few months ago in the western end of the county. Waller was not involved, but feared the worst when he heard about it.

"It was almost like replaying the whole thing over again," Waller said. "I mean, even though I wasn't involved, you didn't really know what to think."

Just a few weeks ago, Waller was sent with a trainee to complete a welfare check at the home on Skyline Drive where he was shot last year.

"After the dispatcher realized where she was sending me, she was like, 'Don't go, don't go,' and I'm like, 'I have to do my job still,'" Waller said.

And he says he'll continue to defend the badge, despite the risks he experienced firsthand last summer.

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