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Project Starfish Haiti Working With Businesses to Help Those Still Recovering

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If you love the food that Bruno's GastroTruck offers, or the beer at Parkway Brewing Company in Salem, you may be interested in how they are working together this weekend.

"Breweries and food trucks make good partners," Bruno Silva says. "They work together nationally. Big cities and bigger towns are finding success. We are trying to do the same in southwest Virginia."

That local partnership will extend to Haiti with the help of Dr. Adam Sarbin, who has been a part of a team helping people in Haiti for the last four years.

The list of support is nearly endless, including a partnership with Angel Missions Haiti, and now more community members are getting involved by planning the first Support Project Starfish Haiti event.

The ultimate goal of holding the event at Parkway Brewing Company is to help Project Starfish grow and expand to serve people in Haiti more than just one week a year.

"We hope we can turn this into and organization that can help on a broader scale," Sarbin says, "and with that we created the name of our organization and have started to pursue a bigger presence."

"It is all about being local and helping each other," Silva says.

With 25 percent of all proceeds going to help people who are still struggling three years after the quake, any money raised will help and is worth celebrating.

Support Project Star Fish Haiti is this Sunday, June 23, at Parkway Brewing Company in Salem at 1 p.m. Ben Trout will be on hand providing entertainment.

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Learn more about Angel Missions Haiti, which is a partner of Project Starfish Haiti.