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Rockbridge County Seeing More Rain Than Usual

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The streets are soggy in Rockbridge County. Heavy rains have caused high water on many roads. Rockbridge County Emergency Manager Robert Foresman is keeping a close eye on the wet weather, even deciding to close some roads to drivers.

Foresman says water levels are about where they should be for the beginning of August. Meteorologist Kristina Montuori says this can create a problem.

"Any time you have an area that receives a lot of rainfall, especially in a short amount of time, you get saturated ground, Montuori said. "So once the ground is saturated, there's really nowhere else for that rain to go. So even if you get a small amount more rain, that's going to easily run off into the creeks, into the streams, into the rivers."

Foresman says while the people living in Rockbridge County got lucky today, all eyes in his department will be on the radar this summer, because he says anymore heavy, steady rains like the one we got today could cause creeks to flood.

Flood stage at Buffalo Creek is around six feet. It was a little more than a foot below that amount Tuesday afternoon, but it still had emergency managers concerned.

"A foot can be closed in a matter of just minutes really, depending on how much rain you get," Foresman said. "People have to remember: it's not only the rain we are getting here in the county, but it's rain outside the county that's draining in to the county because we are a drain basin for approximately 3,000 square miles."