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Roanoke Voting Changes Won't Affect This Year's Elections

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Roanoke City voters could be seeing big changes at the polls.

The city attorney is writing an ordinance for city council that would reduce the number of precincts from 32 to 20.

Roanoke City Electoral Board member Melvin Williams said the change would allow the city to focus more people and voting machines on high-population areas.

"We had some precincts that were very small, some that were very large," he said. "The city boundaries have changed, roads have moved. So there's just a need to essentially hit the reset button in terms of precincts."

Williams said this would be the first major change to Roanoke's voting precincts since the late 1960s.

A public hearing on the changes will likely take place later this summer.

Even if the changes are approved before November's gubernatorial election, they wouldn't be implemented until Dec. 31 at the earliest.

Long voting lines are not expected to be a problem this year, since turnout is usually much lower during non-presidential elections.

Last year, people waited hours before they could cast their vote at several precincts.