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Local Dealerships Prepare for Jeep Recall

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After Chrysler agreed to a massive recall on Tuesday, service shops all across our region are gearing up for the customers who will be coming in for repairs.

It's often hard, as a car owner, to know what to expect when you have something replaced or fixed on your vehicle.

Rocky Fizzano, parts and service director at Shelor, says people are especially anxious when there's the risk of a fire, but as long as the parts are in on time the repairs are fairly easy.

If your vehicle is one of the more than 1.5 million Jeeps being recalled, it may take some time before you get any notification. Fizzano says several things have to happen before the recalled vehicles can be repaired. The recall has to be approved, parts have to be shipped, and, in some cases, they even need to be built.

The good news for people with recalled vehicles is getting them repaired is free to the customer. Dealerships also get refunded for some of the time spent repairing the recalled parts.