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Tara's Style: Thrift Store Shopping

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Macklemore's thrift-shopping anthem is dominating the radio and has everyone taking pride in bargain shopping. There's no shame in a sale, and local thrift shops like the Salvation Army, Plato's Closet, and Goodwill are full of great deals. The key is knowing how to hunt for them.

"It is a little bit of a treasure hunt at Goodwill," says Goodwill's marketing manager, Lucie Touchton, "so when you come shopping, make sure you have a plan.

Examine your closet to have picture of what you already own fresh in your mind. That way, items in the store that will pair well with what's already in your wardrobe will stand out.

"But still be open minded, because you might stumble upon a really cool item that you're not looking for," Touchton says. "Once you find it, go get it, because it might be gone soon.

Visit often because the inventory is constantly changing.

"We get new stuff in all the time,so you can come every day and see new things," Touchton says. "When we get donations, we process them and sort everything out that has stains or holes, so we make sure whatever goes on the sales floor is actually of really good quality."

It didn't take long for me to find a few fabulous frocks to try on, including a yellow dress that would be a classic piece with some simple tailoring, and a J.Crew dress and Talbots sweater, which would easily be a $100 outfit new, but cost between $5 and $10 atGoodwill.

"It's fun, and it shows creativity, too," Touchton says. "You can develop your own style when you shop at Goodwill. You don't have to go with what's trendy right now."

On our trip to Goodwill, we found four fabulous and unique frocks, a brand name go-to sweater, a pair of versatile sandals, and a necklace/headband, all coming in at a grand total of just $25.75.

Keep in mind, if you're going to capitalize on a great bargain, bring something to the table. Scan your home for items you can donate. It will bring good shopping karma your way and make room for new stuff!

"Many people benefit when you shop at Goodwill," Touchton says. "You get a great outfit at a reasonable price. You help the environment because you reuse items or repurpose items, and you support our mission, which is helping people get back to work."

Sport your thrift store styles with a smile and be confident that you look "in-cre-di-ble."