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Barn Dance at Scott's Strawberry Farm in Moneta

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The cold weather and wet spring was a recipe for a terrible strawberry season at Scott's Farm. Thousands of berries were left to rot on the vine since it was too rainy for people to come out and pick them.

With that in mind, J.D. Scott is hosting a barn dance this Saturday night at 7:30, featuring the Phat Boyz Band.

"Well, they can expect to see a very hard-driving, high-energy dance band," says Boyd Clement of the Phat Boyz Band. "Mr. Scott wants us to dance. He wants the audience to get into it and have a good time. We play a wide variety and for a dance like this we'll probably keep it more toward the country-rock or the 'Wagon Wheel' type format. We'll throw in some dance music, too, like some old-school horn type stuff just to give them a variety, everything danceable. We'll do some ballads where the folks can do some slow dancing."

The Phat Boyz Band music will feature Clement on the mandosynth: it's his creation and produces keyboard, strings, and horns in a synthesizer.

Tickets are $4 in advance, $5 the night of the event.