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Police Say Training Taught Them How to Talk Man Out of Jumping Off Bridge

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"To serve and protect" is an oath every officer takes before putting on a badge, and sometimes that means protecting someone from themselves.

That's exactly what police were called to do Wednesday night. A motorist called 9-1-1 after they spotted a man hanging from the Liberty Road bridge above I581 in Roanoke.

Police say he attempted to commit suicide by jumping off into oncoming traffic.

Twelve police officers from the Roanoke City Police Department responded to the scene. They were able to talk the man out of jumping in only 30 minutes.

Sgt. Kenneth Garrett with the Roanoke City Police Department says that Wednesday night's incident is something they have trained for.

"You get to where the person is coming from, where they need help, and try to talk them into a place where they can get that help," Garrett said. "You use firm compassion to convince them that they are trying to take a permanent solution to a temporary problem and try to get them off of that ledge, so to speak."

Basic officer training includes some crisis intervention, but police officers from Roanoke have continued in-depth training in order to be better familiar with these types of situations.