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Roanoke Valley Horse Show Takes Financial Hit From Storms

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The Roanoke Valley Horse Show takes a hard financial hit from damage during Wednesday night's storm.

This comes less than a week after the first round of severe weather tore down all the show's tents.

Each of the tents costs around a $100,00, and though the volunteers won't have to pay for the entire bill, they will be charged for putting the tents back up.

Plus, show had to give away 1,300 bales of shavings, which is a loss of more than $10,000.

There's also expenses for the cost of fuel and electrical repairs.

"These tents have been up since this parking lot has been paved," horse trainer Smith Lilly says. "They never had any damage. So to have that last night happen was certainly a shock."

Just as the storm came, so did the number of volunteers.

"What a great group," Lilly says. "They came in, helped us move all the barns and move our horses to safe places."

They spent the whole night repairing the tents and finished at 5:30 a.m.

"It's been a rough week, but our volunteers and all of our help, we've all worked together," Roanoke Valley Horseman President Mark Hartberger says.

"I'd say they are God-sent," grounds manager Tommy Barron says. "They are good-hearted people, they are dedicated to the horse show and this community."