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Roanoke Railhouse Cans Beer on Site

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The Roanoke Railhouse spent their second day canning craft beer with help from the Old Dominion Mobile Canning Company.

Back in May, the company canned about 240 cases of Roanoke Railhouse beer, which all sold pretty quickly. On Monday they were back, working to can even more cases of the locally-brewed craft beer.

The Roanoke Railhouse does have the ability to bottle their own beer, but they say the canning process can be a lot quicker.

"We can do about four bottles a minute," says Steve Davidson, president of the Roanoke Railhouse Brewing Company. "This machine does 36 cans a minute, so they should be able to can in about three hours what it takes us nearly two days to put in bottles."

About 300 cases of beer were canned Monday.