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Floyd County Man Reunited With His Dog

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It took a community effort to bring one man's best friend home.

Retired military member Casey Fulp is thrilled to have his partner back home. He says the feeling is mutual.

"It was almost like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders when she walked through the door," Fulp said. "I'm sure it was as good for her as it was for me."

Laysha is home safe, and recovering from several injuries. She fractured her pelvis during the car crash, and will most likely undergo surgery in the next few weeks. Despite her limp, she is up and walking and seems to be in good spirits.

Fulp said he received an overwhelming response from the community and even a free dog crate from Buddy's Boarding, a local kennel, for his dog's return.

The man who brought her home is Adam Lawrence, a Montgomery County resident who works for Cross Pointe maintenance staff.

The site is less than a mile away from the scene of the accident.

Lawrence began looking for the dog Friday night. He had a lucky break when asking a key question to fellow co-workers.

"I just happened to ask the woman in the office if she had any reports and she said no. She told me the dog's name was Laysha. I thought, 'What a cool name,' and didn't think much else of it."

While mowing on the property later that afternoon he spotted the dog. The dog ran away when Lawrence approached her, until he remembered what her name was.

"As soon as I said 'Laysha' she instantly turned around and ran to me."

Laysha is at her Floyd County home being spoiled by an owner who missed his best friend.

While she may have several wounds, Fulp, a medically discharged serviceman, says he knows they will heal.

"I'm going to have pains for the rest of my life for something that I didn't do," Fulp said. "And she will, too. So we are a good match."


Virginia native Casey Fulp was medically discharged from the military in 2010 following a motorcycle accident that changed his life forever.

"I was at home on break after basic and I was riding my motorcycle when a young lady ran a stop sign and hit me," Fulp said. "That happened in 2008 and it took two years to recover. I was medically retired in 2010."

A wave of depression took over Fulp's life. He says that changed when he brought home a new friend. Her name is Laysha. She got her name from one of Fulp's favorite journeys: his hike through the Appalachian Mountains.

"She was definitely essential in my recovery, " Fulp said. "Those times where I was feeling down about things and didn't want to do anything but sit around at the house, she would sit there with a toy and be like, 'Hey, lets go play.' She helped me transition back to talking to people."

But now its Fulp's turn to rescue Laysha.

Fulp took Laysha for a ride in his truck on Friday on Route 8 just outside of Christiansburg. He was in a minor traffic accident, and immediately stepped outside of the truck to go check on the other driver. When he made it back to the truck, he looked in his back seat and his best friend wasn't there.

"I don't know if she was thrown out, or if she ran away scared."

An eye-witness said that she saw Laysha running away from the accident shortly after it happened. That has given Fulp and his family hope for finding their four-legged family member.

"The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department have looked for her for a while," Fulp said. "We have had family and friends searching for days," but still no luck.

Now he needs your help in reuniting him with his best friend.

"I have cried enough, and I don't want to cry anymore. Whether it be a reward, or whatever, if someone has her just let us know. If not and she is in a field somewhere, we are going to keep looking."

Fulp says he won't stop until he rescues the girl who first rescued him.