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Misspellings Spotted on Radford University Diplomas

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Hundreds of Radford University graduates are getting diplomas with a typo. The school misspelled "Virginia," leaving out the last "i" and printing "Virgina" instead.

The spring 2013 graduates received the diplomas in the mail. 

The school says when they started researching the error, they discovered fall 2012 graduates received diplomas with similar errors. The error is printed on undergraduates' and graduates' diplomas.

"The error was caused when the commercial software system used to produce the diplomas within the university's registrar's office was upgraded in the fall of 2012. That software upgrade required that the diploma narrative be rekeyed into the program. It was during the rekeying process that the typographical errors were introduced into the template," said Joe Carpenter, Radford University's chief communications officer, in a statement. "Radford University regrets any inconvenience this error may have caused our alumni and will be working to correct these errors in a timely manner."

Corrected diplomas will be mailed to the graduates as soon as possible. The university will be providing to alumni a customer service email and phone number if they have additional questions.        

In fall 2012, 356 undergraduates and 79 graduates were affected. In spring 2013, 851 undergraduates and 195 graduates were affected.