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Super PAC Focusing on Grassroots Campaign in Southwest Virginia

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Does the name Americans for Prosperity ring a bell? The conservative Political Action Committee (Super PAC) was on television quite a bit leading up to the 2012 election.

The group spent $1.3 million in the Roanoke-Lynchburg market in ads attacking President Obama.

That number jumps to $3.7 million if you include Richmond and Hampton Roads.

Now in 2013, Americans for Prosperity's President Tim Phillips is adjusting the Super PAC's approach.

"We'll still do TV ads, they're important. They absolutely are a fast way to meet and deliver your message to a lot of people," Phillips said. "But we have to back those with real grassroots involvement, which we're doing with days like today."

Phillips said there's added attention to the grassroots aspect.

"We were doing it a year ago, but I think we have a renewed emphasis and we're putting more time, more money, and more effort into it," he said.

That effort is focusing on voter registration.

On Tuesday, Phillips told a group of supporters in Roanoke County that he hopes to register 100,000 new Virginia voters.

He's hopeful many of those voters will be registered and participating in November's gubernatorial election.

How active Americans for Prosperity will be on television during that race is still unclear.

"I doubt we'll be endorsing candidates," Phillips said. "Certainly we will be looking at the policies of each of these two candidates and we may educate and tell folks where they stand on the issues and let them make up their own minds."

They will likely try to influence people's decisions over the phone and possibly over the air.

Other Super PACs aren't waiting to make a decision.

The liberal group American Bridge 21st Century has already released several online ads attacking the record of Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli.