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Gleaning for the World Packing 40,000 Pounds of Potatoes for Local Food Banks

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Gleaning for the World is an organization focused on helping hungry people across the globe and here in southwest and central Virginia.

This week it plans to do that with a lot of potatoes.

Gleaning for the World recently received a $20,000 grant from the Centra Health Foundation, and it's decided to use that money to put fresh produce into the hands of local folks who could use some help.

It's kicking things off with sweet potatoes - 40,000 pounds of sweet potatoes.

With the help of another group called the Society of St. Andrew's, Gleaning for the World arranged to have 20 tons of potatoes delivered to its warehouse in Concord.

Later this morning, volunteers will start sorting through them and dividing them up into 10- to 15-pound bags.

All of those bags will then be donated to food banks in the Lynchburg, Danville, Martinsville, and Roanoke areas.

Group leaders say one pound of potatoes is equal to one full meal, so they're glad all of these spuds will make a difference.

"About 53 percent of our children need nutritional food to be able to make it in the school system, to have food to eat on the weekends," said Ron Davidson with Gleaning for the World. "And to know that it's going to help some of these children, some of the elderly that can't afford food, that's what Gleaning exists for. Central Virginia has been here for Gleaning and this is our way of giving back."

Gleaning says its volunteers are ready to kick it into high gear to try to get all of the potatoes bagged today.