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Bedford Signs Change for Reversion From City to Town

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We're just days away from July 1 and the city of Bedford's official reversion back to town status. Bedford Assistant City Manager Bart Warner says one of the biggest things that people will have to get used to is using the word 'town' instead of 'city.'

People who live in the area may have already noticed some name changes over the past year, like the local police department. Lt. Todd Foreman says that there have already been a lot of changes made, like the patches on their uniforms and decals on the cruisers.

Ever since they found out about the change, they've been using money they were already having to spend to spread the cost out over time.

"What we've done is use our uniform budget, because we buy these things already," Foreman says. "We buy patches, we do repairs to the vehicles. What we do is if a deer runs into one of the doors, we can do the repairs and have the decal replaced at that time."

It's not just the police department that's making updates to their logos. There are signs all around town that will have to be changed before July 1.

"Monday morning our public works service will be going around and removing all of the signs that refer to the City of Bedford," Warner says. "They'll replace some of the ones that need to be replaced immediately."

If you'd like to see the sign on City Hall as it's changed to say 'Town of Bedford,' they suggest getting there around 7:30 Monday morning.