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Woman Returns WWII Veteran's Dog Tags Lost Decades Ago

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The daily walk to the mailbox has been full of anticipation for Jahue Mundy. The 92-year-old spent more than three years in the Marines during World War II, but for decades he's been missing his dog tags.

"It's just something I thought I'd never in my life ever see again" Mundy said. "I would have kept them forever. I was so sorry I lost them."

Mundy spent time in Iwo Jima and Okinawa before going to China.

"That's where I remember losing them," he said. "I'm sure I lost them in China."

Last week the veteran got a phone call from a woman in Mooreland, Ind., who found his dog tags in a garden there. She tracked Mundy down in southwest Virginia and returned them.

"I broke down and cried like a baby when she told me she had them," Mundy said. "I couldn't believe it. I just cried."

The dog tags are so old and discolored, it's hard to read them, but if you shine a light on them, it's much easier to read.

"It's just a feeling, I can't express the feelings to you, It's just something inside that I've got something that I've been missing for years and now I feel like I've got a jewel or something like that with the dog tags," Mundy said.

The WWII veteran says it's possible his friend in China may have found them and put them in a letter mailed to his then-home in Anderson, Ind.

"He must have found that dog tag and put it in an envelope and the envelope got destroyed someplace," Mundy said.

It will forever be a mystery, but Mundy says it doesn't matter anymore now that they have been returned.  

Mundy is planning to get the dog tags framed with some pictures and maybe give it to his son.

One of his sons lives in Indiana so Mundy says hopes he will be able to meet the woman who found the dog tags when he visits again.