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SimulTV Site Launched

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After nearly 10 years of hard work, an Alleghany County man's vision has finally come to life.

This week, Steven Turner officially launched his own social media site that he says could change the way people watch TV together.

Turner says he got the idea back in 2004 during the UVA-Virginia Tech football game.

His brother and father were watching the game from two different places and spent all four quarters calling each other whenever there was a big play.

Turner thought there ought to be a better way for them to watch the game together, and, as he says, the rest is now history.

When we first introduced you to Steven Turner back in June of last year, he was working out of his home office in Alleghany County, getting ready to launch the beta, or test, version of his idea called SimulTV, an online platform where people could watch the same thing at the same time from anywhere in the world, then be able to interact with each other via Facebook, Twitter, instant message, or video chat all on one screen.

"TV, from its very conception, from watching black and white TVs, to the Lone Ranger, all the way to the moon landing, to the royal wedding has been social," Turner says."Whether it's you sharing it with someone on the couch next to you or water cooler talk the next day, it's social. And that's what we're trying to bring back to the television."

Fast forward to the present and he still works in his home office, only now, he has a satellite office in Blacksburg, he's been featured in the Huffington Post and several other publications, and he's traveled to events in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo to present his site.

"Some days I was just blown away by some of the doors that were opened up to me," Turner says. "And it just boils down to: I believe that God has had his hand in everything I've done and helped to keep this thing moving forward."

It all led up to today, when SimulTV officially went live.

"I'm nervous about it, I'm excited," Turner says. "The system is constantly growing."

The site launched with 10 channels for people to choose from, broadcasting everything from cartoons to sci-fi and sports.

Turner says with the agreements he and his team have worked out, he'll be able to add 37 more channels over the next month or so, and hopes to have more than 100 channels and on-demand movies later this year.

Though he admits he's still a long way from Facebook or Twitter status, he's optimistic people will like what he has to offer.

"It's up to the consumer where it goes," he says. "Hopefully they'll love what we've done and use it. And only time will tell."