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Shotgun Gains 100 Pounds in Six Weeks

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A malnourished horse rescued from Franklin County has made great strides in his recovery.

Shotgun is coming along and gaining plenty of weight at the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue.

"Our only concern is we are not sure about some issues he may have in the future," says Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue Farm Manager Kathryn Barber. "We are pretty sure his immune system is not going to be what it needs to be."

She says you can tell by a horse's eyes how they are feeling. These days, Shotgun has a twinkle in his eyes and a lot of love around him.

"When we got Shotgun there was such an outpouring from all of the community," she says. "People came, visited the farm, and it was great to see how much people care. Our goal is to help the community to take care of the horses. We want to be a resource for people. I think it has opened up some eyes for people to realize this is going on in Franklin County. It is a sad situation. People are abusing their animals and it has opened up eyes for people to be more aware, so they can be on the look out."

Shotgun, like the other horses at the rescue, will eventually be up for adoption. RVHR does a thorough check and follows up for five years with people who take them.

Shotgun's previous owners are due in court July 16.