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Geese at Lake Vista to be Euthanized

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The battle over how to deal with the large number of geese that call Bedford County home winds up in court.

More than 50 geese call Lake Vista home, and neighbors have mixed feelings about them being here. After trying everything to get the birds to move on, one homeowners' association plans to get rid of the geese permanently.

The Lake Vista Property Association Board contacted the USDA for options. The agency plans to round up the birds within the next few weeks before killing them at their own facility.

"They will not come in and do a roundup unless you have exercised every other option they consider important for minimizing population and they have said, "Yes, you have a problem,'" said Leigh Doyle, the president of homeowner's association.

However, the plan to have the USDA kill the birds has some neighbors up in arms. Mauranna Sherman is one of 17 people who filed the case against the association, because she wants the geese to stay.

"That's why we bought in there," Sherman said. "We wanted to be there with nature. And we feel this is being taken away from us irrationally."

The Shermans have dedicated a lot of time to the issue. Mauranna's husband Bob said, "We are really disappointed and we are thinking about how the geese will be killed and the inhumane way they are going to be killed."

On Monday, however, a judge disagreed, and ruled that the board can move forward with their plan to euthanize the birds.

"This is not something to be happy about," Doyle said. "We felt this was a necessary step to take for the well being and health of our community."

Sherman sees it as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. "This is a perfect area for them to come in but we also have migrating birds who will be gone at the end of the season," she said.

But the court feels otherwise. The USDA is expected to round up the birds before the end of the molting season in mid-July.