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Roanoke City Council Drops Proposed Pay Raise to 10 Percent

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Roanoke City Council made a 4-to-3 decision to increase pay raises by 10 percent, less than half of the original proposed increase of 28.5 percent.

As of July 1, 2013, all city employees have to put 1 percent into a health savings account.

To make sure city employees don't lose money, but actually get a raise, council is increasing their salary by 2 percent, but that increase doesn't include city council members, which means they will lose 1 percent of their salary effective Monday.

Effective July 1, 2014, all city employees will have to put 5 percent into a pension plan.

The Roanoke City director of finance says that to make sure all 1,700 city employees are completely even, the city will have to compensate them for an 8 percent loss.

If the city council did nothing, they would lose 8 percent of their salary.

Council member Court Rosen, along with Sherman Lee and Ray Ferris, voted for the 8 percent increase, which would mean no raise for city council members.

The rest of council members voted for a 10 percent increase, which would mean the council will get a 2 percent increase after factoring in the 8 percent loss. That averages out to an overall increase of $1,556 for council members, $1,656 for the vice mayor, and $2,000 for the mayor.

This raise puts them more in line with what city employees are getting this year, though this won't happen for them until 2014.

Mayor David Bowers did change his decision from a 28.5 percent increase to a 10 percent increase.