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Town of Vinton Receives Large Grant

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The town of Vinton has received a $700,000 block grant. The town of Vinton has received a $700,000 block grant.

The town of Vinton has some big plans for a block grant from the federal government.

The town received $700,000 from the state for its Downtown Revitalization Project.

The Vinton Town Council is expected to give the final approval for what to spend that money on.

As with a lot of these state grant programs, there's a lot of paperwork and housekeeping that has to be done before the town of Vinton can actually get the check. Town leaders will take care of the final piece of that, and then they can get started on what the money is supposed to help them do: make improvements to the downtown area.

Town Manager Chris Lawrence says $700,000 is a pretty big chunk of change, equal to about 10 percent of the town's entire budget.

It's going to be divided up among eight projects.

The most visible will be making facade improvements to 11 buildings downtown. There will also be new landscaping, sidewalk, lighting, and parking improvements at the Vinton Farmer's Market, and streetscaping improvements across the downtown area. Other items include things like lighting, benches, trash cans, trees, and some crosswalk improvements and gateway improvements to help direct folks off of 24 into the downtown area.

As for two other major projects the money will be used on, the town will use $100,000  to set up a revolving loan fund that will help existing businesses expand or make improvements and attract new businesses to the downtown area.

Then, they're going to create a downtown shopping and dining guide and step up efforts to market the farmers market.