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Local medical students go to work at the Greenbrier Classic

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July is here and with it comes one of the largest spectacles of the two Virginias at Americas resort.

The Greenbrier Classic gives local people the chance to see the big names in golf play in their own backyard.

But this PGA Tour stop is giving area medical students the chance of a lifetime as well. A partnership agreement between Virginia Tech's Edward via osteopathic college is allowing medical students to get hands-on experience working with the event.

"This is Rahan Dawoods second time volunteering at the Greenbrier Classic. He is currently a graduate student at the college and even though he is on summer break, he says he couldn't miss out on this opportunity.

"This is a great opportunity for the school's students to get hands-on experience plus it gives us a chance to get our names out there."

Dawood is working with the students in a supervisory position. Under medically licensed supervision the students get to treat golf fans , golf caddies and the players for any medical needs they may have.

Dawood says that they work mostly with caddies who are struggling with sore muscles and joints from walking and carrying equipment. And major issue however results from the heat and dehydration. The students are in charge of caring for patients and a medical unit set up just off of the course and facilitating cooling stations on various locations throughout the old white.