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Chef Sam Talbot: Healthy Barbeque Recipes

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Chef Sam Talbot - Healthy Barbecue Recipes Chef Sam Talbot - Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Foodies can't get enough of former Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot! The North Carolina native made People's Most Beautiful List last year and what's even sexier?! He's a chef with a cause.

Diagnosed with diabetes as a young teen, the 36-year-old wears an insulin pump 24/7, but his illness inspired him. He has a new memoir/cookbook called "The Sweet Life - Diabetes without Boundaries."

He says, "All my cooking is focused on the food that we grow up on, the food that we gravitate towards and really just taking that the ideology of those and just switching out the ingredients making it more heart healthy, more modern."

He's showing us how to make a clean and simple summer meal -- starting with a lettuce wedge salad with avocado-tortilla vinaigrette.

Chef Talbot says, " first a little bit of roasted garlic oil into the pan. We're going to build on our garlic with a little bit of fresh garlic, little bit of julienne red onion coriander seed. Now we're just going to build our vinaigrette."

Mix in greek yogurt, red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, and chopped cilantro.

"Then our ice berg wedge ok and you just kind of want to spoon this around the plate there. Beautiful salad, that would go great with a crisp glass of wine"

And the finishing touch...tortilla chips!


Now, on to the main dish - grilled eggplant with shallot carrot glaze!

Chef Talbot says, "Instead of having ribs, or grilled steak or cheeseburger this dish is a great alternative to that. Start by cutting the eggplant into half inch circles then move on to the marinade. Little bit of ginger, some raw garlic, Finish with agave, sea salt and rice wine vinegar."

Then time to grill!

When everything is finished, Chef Talbot is ready to plate the meal. "We have our finished eggplant here. We're just going to take a few pieces, we're going to set them down here just like that. Earlier before you got here, I made a carrot and shallot glaze with a little bit of fresh carrots and shallots and some ginger, some garlic, little bit of scallions tossed in there… And there you have it a nice beautiful …summer entrée."