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How do busy people keep their desks clean?

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So, you know those days when you finally have a moment to look around and think - what happened?!   Is my desk underneath all this clutter?   Let's just say that's kind of been a constant lately and now that I might have a moment to organize - I realize .. This might be much more than a day-long process.

Anytime I look around and see mass chaos on my desk ... It's a definite indication I've gone non-stop and need to just stop and breath.   The messier things are around me ... the busier I've been.

Of course, as I blog, I realize it's my way of postponing the inevitable clean up.  I mean, eventually this desk will cave under the weight -right?   O. K., maybe that's a slight exaggeration.  And really, it's not that bad - it's all now stacked in nice looking piles.

How do busy people have clean desks?   There's gotta be a trick, some secret no one has told me.  Honestly, my 'neat' piles are starting to look more like landslides.   Time to put a dent into the chaos and head off to the recycling bin.   

... And seriously, I'm asking - how do busy people have clean desks?  Please let me in on the secret.