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Clean up Continues Across Southwest Virginia Following Thursday's Storms

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Parts of the Roanoke River look very different now than they did on July 4.

"With the early heavy rains, we did experience a lot of water coming across the roadway," says Lt. Daniel Hartman with the Roanoke City Police. "We had 21 locations we had to close down. We were able to get all of those closed quickly."

It wasn't just the roads that experienced the flooding: several mobile home parks in Salem were in danger of being flooded as well.

"They told us we better get out, because they might not be able to get in here and get us out," says William Cupp, who lives near the Roanoke River.

Cupp says he was one of many people at the Riverland Mobile Home Park who decided to stay. The water didn't come close to his home, but it did block off both entrances along Riverside Drive.

Although the river is still high tonight, Riverside Drive and parts of the Greenway in Salem are now clear. With all of the roads now open to traffic, the cleanup focus seems to be shifting to some of the debris left behind.