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Spent shell casings recovered at Roanoke murder scene

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Search warrants for two of what's believed to be a Roanoke murder victim's cell phones, as well as his residence, reveal some of the evidence investigators have in a July 3rd murder case.

Jeff Mayo, 44, died of multiple gun shot wounds at his residence on Grandin Road.

A search warrant for his home basically reads that some friends of Mayo's came to his residence on July 3rd to discuss some "personal business."

The documents revealed that the friends found his door unlocked and slightly open, only they couldn't open all the way.

The witnesses found the door was blocked by Mayo's body, according to the search warrant.

Investigators found several spent shell casings near Mayo's body, according to the court documents.

They are also analyzing two cell phones found inside his residence, as well as swabs of substances taken from the scene, usually a test for DNA.

The investigator wrote in the search warrants for two cell phones believed to belong to Mayo that police hoped to use the information to track who he was communicating with in the days before his death.