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Flood Clean up Continues for Domino's Pizza on Williamson Road

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With flood levels dropping, we're starting to get a better idea of just how high the water levels got in some areas Wednesday night. Near the Domino's Pizza on the corner of Williamson Road and Wells Avenue, the water was several feet high around the outside of the building at one point.

Employees say when it started raining, flooding was the last thing they expected.

"Everything was looking alright, then all of a sudden it just went crazy," says assistant manager Jessica Walker. "The water all came up out of nowhere. One minute we were fine, the next minute we were underwater. It was kind of insane."

Thursday morning, the parking lot was covered in mud and trash. Employees say at one point on Wednesday, about two to three inches of water was covering the floors inside the restaurant.

"It's mostly dirty floors. It didn't reach any of our tables or anything, so most of that stuff is still clean. We just have to get out floor cleaned," says Andrews.

Domino's has hired a professional cleaning service to clean up all of the damage from Wednesday's flood. Employees say they hope the restaurant can reopen very soon.