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Teens From Across America Volunteer in Roanoke

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Teens from all over the country are in Roanoke making a difference this week as part of Catholic Heart Work Camp.

About 250 volunteers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts spent the last four days at 34 work sites around the area.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke, the teens replaced a staircase, built a retaining wall, and painted the outdoor furniture.

"It's incredibly amazing to work for somebody who really needs the help," said Erin McLaughlin, a Boston teen who was working at the RMH.

"It always means a lot to know that people care enough just about people in general to leave home and go to different places and help other people," said Laney Mofield, the executive director of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Other groups in the area built decks, painted, and worked with agencies like Feeding America and the Rescue Mission.

This is the second year for the Catholic Heart Work Camp in Roanoke. Other teens work in cities across the United States over the summer. The teens have been living at Roanoke Catholic and head back home on Friday.